Blue Canoe Brewing Company

Blue Canoe Brewing Co. was established in 2014 by a couple of friends that bonded over craft beer and floats down the beautiful rivers that Arkansas has to offer. We took our passion for brewing and altered our lives for the better. Blue Canoe is currently four years in the making it has done nothing but grow and grow. Today we have two locations. The Taproom on E 3rd street in the heart of Little Rock is where the dream began, but with the growing demand for beer, we have since expanded into  a 20,000 sq ft brewing facility on E 15th. With this giant expansion "the sky is the limit" for us.

The TapRoom

Our original Taproom location is a cozy place to visit for lunch or dinner. It's perfect for a small group meal, or you can sit at the bar and meet new friends! While there, ask our bartender which brews they recommend based on your preferences, and you're sure to find a new favorite. The Taproom vibe is unique, and not to be missed!

craft beer

Each of our brews is crafted on location at the Warehouse. They range from classics that have been with us since the beginning, to seasonals. There is a wide variety to choose from, so anyone from the domestic-lover to the hop-head, and even the stout fan is sure to find a new favorite. Grab some floats and try them all!

Family Friendly

Since opening in 2014, we've had a strong belief that family time is the best time. That's why both the Taproom and the Warehouse are places where you would feel comfortable bringing the kids, or even grandpa. With games for kids of all ages, everyone is sure to stay entertained.

The Warehouse

At 20,000 sq. ft., the Warehouse has the potential to be so many things. We like to think of it as a better option to sitting around on couches on a Friday or Saturday and staring at your phones or TV. With our beer, indoor/outdoor games, large space, and a new food truck every night, it's going to outshine any staying-in plans you had. 

Great Food

The menu at our Taproom location is a well-thought-out amalgamation of what we believe are not only crowd favorites, but staples as well. From fried pickles or our famous Queso for Your Face-O as an appetizer, to our Paddler Burger made using only fresh, local beef, we wouldn't be surprised if you asked for seconds!

Dog Friendly

"The better I get to know men, the more I find myself loving dogs," may very well be part of the philosophy behind why we love being around dogs so darn much! Both of our locations are 100% dog-friendly, all day, every day we're open. We'd love to serve you delicious beer while maybe also getting to pet your dog.